Mediumship Session

A mediumship session is a way to connect you and your loved ones in spirit.   As an evidential medium, I bring through identifying information that is specific to you and your loved one and any messages that they have for you.   It is important to note that I do not conjure or call in a spirit.  I simply tune into you and the spiritual energy around you.  It is possible to have more than one spirit come in during a session.  I am not in control of who comes and what is said, I truly am just the messenger.

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Group Mediumship Session

A group session is also a way to connect you with your loved ones in spirit, but you will be in a group setting.  You may schedule a private group session with your family and friends.  During a the session, I will do my best to read as many people in the group that I can, but I cannot guarantee everyone will receive a reading.   I cannot control whose loved ones speak or the length of their messages.

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Life Guidance Session

During a life guidance session, I connect to you which enables me to read your energy.  I use Tarot cards in this type of session which are a way for me to tune into my psychic senses and also allow you to have a visual of the psychic information that I am receiving.  This type of session can give you clarity on situations in your life and show you the choices that are before you.  These sessions are not fortune telling, you have free will as does everyone around you, but it can bring you insight into why things are happening and what may need to change.  The purpose is to give advice and guidance.  You are in control of your own life and the decisions you make,  Please be aware that I am not a doctor, lawyer or financial advisor.  If that is what you need, then that is what you should seek.

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Private Teaching Session

These sessions are one on one teaching for clients who wish to know more.  You can talk to me about things that you have experienced and are questioning or anything related to the work that I do.  If you are interested in learning more about your abilities and how to enhance them, or just want to learn more about a spiritual topic, a private teaching session can help.  These sessions are not readings, but they can be very insightful for helping you understand if you are experiencing things or seeking more information about the soul.  I am open to discussing anything during these sessions, you choose the topic.

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