Becoming a psychic medium was not in my plans.  I had a successful eighteen year career in software engineering and left the field to pursue writing.  I wanted to write a book about the soul and the lessons we learn in life.  I began my research with the concept of the soul and consciousness which led me to explore many religions and what they believed.  Eventually, my research led me to my first psychic medium…and that is where this story begins.

As a healthy skeptic with an open mind, I wanted to learn more about how a medium viewed life after death and the soul.  My mind was not open however, to the idea of being  a psychic medium.  I was stunned when the conversation turned to my own psychic abilities.  This led my research into a new direction to the subject of mediumship and the psychic senses.  I found mentors whose work I respected and learned as much as I could from them.  I was experiencing things that I could not explain and I not only needed an explanation, I needed one that could be proven with scientific fact.   I researched quantum physics, biology, psychology, the paranormal and religions.  As an engineer, I wanted so badly to be able to point to the “proof” of what I was experiencing and have the validation that would accompany a scientific explanation.  What I ended up with was my own faith and the removal of all fear and doubt.  It was then that I understood this work is a calling and I was going to do it regardless of what anyone thought.

Feedback from my clientele has been very positive, Reactions from some of my family and friends however, has not.  I quickly realized that people have many misconceptions about this work.  What I found to be most interesting is that when you ask people of various faiths what they believe, you will get different answers from each one.  When I stopped asking what people believed and started asking them how they experience  their faith, everyone started to sound alike.  It is my personal belief that we are all connecting to the same place.   We are all psychic.  There is no other way to experience any kind of spiritual connection unless you are using these senses.  Education is the key to understanding and understanding is the key to making an informed decision about any subject.   My hope is to remove any misconceptions surrounding this work and for people to realize that working with a psychic medium can bring insight, clarity and healing.


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