Private Teaching Session

These sessions are one on one teaching for clients who wish to know more. You can talk to me about things that you have experienced and are questioning or anything related to the work that I do. If you are interested in learning more about your own abilities, how to enhance them, or just want to learn more about a spiritual topic, a private teaching session can help. These sessions are not readings, but they can be very insightful for helping you understand if you are experiencing things or seeking more information about the soul. I am open to discussing anything during these sessions, you choose the topic.

Intuitive Awareness

This one on one teaching session will cover the ways in which we receive intuitive information. It will teach you how to tune into your own intuition and use it to your advantage in all areas of your life. Intuition is a very powerful tool to be used along with your logic and reason to make informed decisions. It is a natural process that we can all tap into in order to see things with clarity from all perspectives.

Tarot pt 1, Tarot pt 2

These are informative teaching sessions that will introduce you to Tarot and show you how to read the cards both intuitively and by their literal meaning. The intent is to show you how to use Tarot as a spiritual tool. This is an intensive course that will give you a very thorough introduction.  Tarot requires two private teaching sessions.

Schedule an appointment for a Teaching Session

Workshops for each topic are given by request for 4-6 people.  Please contact me directly to schedule.










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