How do you receive your information?

I receive my information in many different forms.  Every read is different and the spirits all communicate in their own way.  For instance, if someone would want to communicate to me that they were a smoker in life,  I may see a pack of cigarettes, or smell cigarette smoke or have the actual sensation of smoking.  I am able to see them, I feel their emotions and hear their words.  I also have information come by taste or smell.   During readings, I have tasted a food that they made or loved to eat or a beverage that they liked to drink.   Sometimes the information is just known without coming in any specific way.  Each spirit is unique in the way they choose to communicate.


Can you understand my departed family member if they didn’t speak English?

Yes.  The information is communicated in a way that transcends words.  I don’t have to hear it to understand them, it does not always come in with spoken language.


Should I bring an item with me that belonged to my loved one?

I don’t need it to make the connection,  but if you would like to bring something with you I will use it.


Can you read my mind?

No. I am not telepathic.   I am however, a psychic empath,  which allows me to feel your emotions.  Your emotions are your truth and you cannot control them, they just are.


Can you turn it “off” and “on” at will?

Yes.  When I am not with a client, I am not open to receive any information.  There is a misconception that psychic people are reading everyone around them.  We aren’t.


Will you tell me something bad?

If your life is “bad” then yes it is going to come up and if it is that “bad” then you are already aware of it and I won’t be telling you anything you don’t already know.   I am very straightforward in a read with a client, but I will always give you the option to not  talk about something that I see before I address it.  I have not yet had someone take that option or be disappointed when they discussed something with me.  My job is to make you aware of the opportunities that are around you,  give you clarity on situations in your life and show you the choices that are before you.   You have to remember that you are always in control of your own life and the decisions that you make.  This is not fortune telling, there is no such thing.  You have free will to make decisions and everyone around you has free will to make decisions.  Life is fluid.


What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic can read energy,  a medium can communicate with it.  The spiritual energy communicates with the medium by using the medium’s psychic senses.  All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.


Have you ever been frightened during a read or dealt with any evil or negative spirits?

I have never been frightened or had to deal with anything evil or negative during a read.   I conduct myself on the other side the same way that I do on this side.   In other words,  I don’t deal with undesirables here on this side or on the other side.  The dead don’t frighten me at all, although the living sometimes do.


How do you know who you are talking to my loved one in spirit and not an evil spirit?

This question always surprises me.  I know the same way that you know when something is good, right and true.   How many times have you met someone and known instantly if they were someone you wanted to interact with or someone you didn’t want anything to do with?  I have never had any information come through that was anything other than loving, healing and uplifting for myself and my clients.  I have a connection with the other side.  Who do you think is running the show over there? 


Will you tell me that I am going to die?

Dying is part of living.  We are all going to die eventually.  As far as when or how,  what purpose would that serve?  No, I will not tell you that.


Is everybody psychic?

Yes, we all are.   If you have ever had a “feeling” about something, or something didn’t “look” right or “sound” right then you have tapped into your psychic senses.  Ask any mother if they would know if something was wrong with their child.  They just know.  Everybody is psychic, there is no other way to experience any type of spirituality or religion without using these senses.  It is my personal belief that we are all connecting to the same place, regardless of our belief system. 


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